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Some people stress eat, I stress shop. Whenever feeling the holiday crunch time at work or suffering from last minute writer’s block melt downs, I have either 1 of 2 options. First, if I’m in the panic zone in the right sphere of time where stores are still open, I hop in my car and locate the nearest Buffalo Exchange. They always have the best music and one-of-a-kind, budget friendly fashion pieces. I once scored a DVF silk taffeta dress that I plan to bust out this holiday season for a mere $50 bucks.

The second option is to rearrange, restock, or revamp my closet, placing clothes I haven’t worn in over a month into a black canvas bag in the guest room closet. That’s the holding ground for my fashionable clothes that don’t get too much off-the-hanger frequency, yet are still stylish enough to later be re-inserted into my closet. If I don’t go running back to that melting pot of mixed styles looking for items throughout the season, then I make the decision to donate, cause hey, fashion should be shared amongst everyone and someone can make treasures out of my unwanted BCBG or Steve Madden pieces.

With that being said, last night was a get-in-my-car-and-go kind of feeling, so rushing to Buffalo Exchange, I arrived at those overlarge clear glass doors at a quarter after 8:00, ready to trade and buy. Toted along with me were styles ready to be sold or donated, and in exchange, I got 45 minutes to shop and boy did I hit the ground running. As meticulous as I could be with less than an hour to find unique, fashionable pieces, I started with shoes. Every fashion editor needs a good pair in her arsenal and though I’m just beginning my journey as an editorialist, I’m no exclusion from the rules. Rack by rack, I scoured everything from open-toe cuffed stilettos to distressed cowboy boots. I landed on a pair of L.A.M.B  peep toe pumps with silver, almost fish scale-esque detail in my size…perfect fashion fit and find! Next, I spotted a mini Coach bucket bag in pale blue, which I hurriedly scooped up.

Soon, with both arms full of tops, dresses, and jeans, I realized that time had speedily dwindled down to 15 minutes before close. After trying on a few pieces, I decided in harmony with my best judgment to put the majority of garments back and solely focus on finding accessories since that’s the weak spot in my fall closet (though, I did have difficulty passing up a rabbit fur cropped jacket, which was just my size).

Eventually I settled on a Jay Herbert vintage shoulder bag with mod quilted design, navy double breasted Gap blazer, grey sweater tights, and navy hue shingle necklace, in addition to the L.A.M.B. shoes and Coach mini bucket bag I had picked up earlier. Shopping night fulfilled in under an hour and almost under $100 bucks. Mission complete until the next time!  

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